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I'm a programmer at Mayo Clinic. I graduated from Winona State University.

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Mayo Clinic
IT Programmer Analyst: Genomics Systems Unit
July 2018 -- Present

Digi International
Software Engineering Intern
May 2017 -- August 2017

Winona State University
Software Tester and Developer
August 2016 -- May 2018

Peer Tutor
July 2016 -- May 2018
  • Winona State University
  • Fall 2014 -- Spring 2018
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Physics
  • BA Mathematics
  • Minor Statistics
  • Minor Data Science
  • 4.0/4.0
MUDAC 2018: 1st place
The Midwestern Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC) was a 24 hour data analytics competition hosted at Winona State University on April 7-8 2018. We analyzed attrition of season ticket holders for the Minnesota Wild. We analyzed the data, made visualizations, and then presented to judges. Many of the slides cannot be posted to adhere to an NDA. My team included Bradley Erickson, Bradly Hennes, and Uzma Ghazanfar. The Kaggle in class competition can be found here; we are Team 4 (nicknamed Bergen's Beauties) on the leaderboards.
Police Data Challenge: Best College Overall
The Police Data Challenge was hosted by the American Statistics Association. We analyzed police call data from the city of Seattle. Using visualizations, we made analyzed trends in different types of crimes. We used these insights we made implementable recommendations for the Seattle Police Department. I worked with Kapil Khanal.
MinneMUDAC 2017: Honorable Mention
In this competition we analyzed health care claims data. The goal was to predict future expenditures for patients with diabetes using past claims data and demographic information. My team included Will Diedrick, Akif Khan, Kapil Khanal, and Sean Wittenberg. You can find more information here.
The SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling (SCUDEM) offered 3 modeling problems. We chose to answer question 2, modeling a predator and prey relationship. You can find more information about the Competition here.I worked on this project with Gabe Mancino and Nick Meyer.
Pi Mu Epsilon 2018
Abstract: With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet comes a deluge of publicly available data useful for providing insights on methods to better society. Data science involves the process of gathering, managing, analyzing, and communicating data. This presentation will explore each of these steps using mental health, medical, and police calls data. The ultimate goal of this process is to learn from the data and make implementable suggestions to improve society.
Mental Health Project
I visualized some data about mental health, stress, and anxiety. The data came from IPUMS, the CDC, and PubMed Central. I used Tableau for visualization.
  • Programming Languages: Bash ⋅ Python ⋅ Java
  • Hardware Oriented Langauges: Arduino ⋅ Labview ⋅ Verilog
  • Math & Statistics: Excel ⋅ JMP ⋅ LaTeX ⋅ Mathematica ⋅ R ⋅ Tableau
  • Bioinformatics: Cromwell + WDL
  • Familiar: Assembly ⋅ C ⋅ CSS ⋅ HTML ⋅ Jess ⋅ MySQL ⋅ Perl
  • Winona State University:
  • Outstanding Graduate in Computer Science
  • Outstanding Graduate in Physics
  • Outstanding Graduate in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Outstanding Student Leader
Winona State Women in Computer Science Club
Vice President, Treasurer, ACM-W Co-Chair
January 2018 -- May 2018
Advise dean on matters pertaining to students in the College of Science and Engineering. Participate in community and outreach activities such as student panels.

Dean's Advisory Council
August 2017 -- May 2018
Promote diversity in the field of computing and technology by planning activities and meetings with other students. Plan, manage, and host hands on workshops with guest speakers.

Physics Club
August 2016 -- May 2018
Plan and coordinate weekly meetings, events, and club trips. Work closely with department to create projects and outreach events.
Dr. Bergen's Letter of Recommendation

I built this website as to recommend Dr. Silas Bergen for tenure. This was a more creative, personal way to show my support than simply writing a letter. The user clicks on objects in Dr. Bergen's office (drawn slightly out of scale), revealing associated reasons as to why he should get his promotion. It was my first endeavour into web development. How do people do this? It's impossible.

Computer Color Correction

This machine learning project is a prototype of a color correction application. It is planned to be used to help correct images for those affected with color blindness. I made a few initial test images myself. It was trained with k-means clustering. The program was implemented in Python.

TFTP Client

I worked on this project with Ben Andrews and Will Diedirck. We implemented a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) client as described in RFC 1350. It includes its own set of commands used to communicate with a TFTP server. It is implemented in Java using Apache Commons libraries.

Machine Learning Connect 4

I worked on this project with Ben Andrews. We implemented connect 4 and trained a supervised neural network to play against. The used a minimax algorithm to generate training data for the network. We implemented this in Python and were working on another C++ implementation.

Red Hat Simulation

I worked on this project with Ben Andrews and Erika Jensen. We simulated Linux process management. It includes process synchronization with semaphore locks, CPU scheduling using a Completely Fair Scheduler, and local paging memory management. The system takes a CSV with a process name, memory requirements, and CPU and I/O burst information. We implemented it in Java.

Calculus Projects

I worked on a couple of programming projects to illustrate ideas from advanced calculus. I used the Discrete Metric for basic Natural Language Processing. It compares how similar words are based on the letters in them; it can similarly compare passages by word. I also made an example of Probability and Measure using Python and to simulate coin flipping and chart the results.

This Website

This website is built from scratch. You can find the code here on GitHub.

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